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Comeback League-Comeback League introduction


This initial version of the Comeback League app is feature-limited to the requirements for this reconnaissance operation. The defined area of operation is focused within the 13 counties in the DFW metroplex. Specifically, targets within the area of operation are exclusive to the environs of retail buildings of four brands: Home Depot, Lowes, 7-Eleven, & QuickTrip (QT).

NOTE - While anyone is welcome to execute missions, any coins earned outside of the area of operation may not result in committed funding of the mission beneficiary, DFW-based 22Kill. While a commitment is not possible outside of DFW at this time, our hope is to find a sponsor for any coins earned outside of the area of operation, serving one or many other mission beneficiaries.

By executing missions, you are participating in a reconnaissance operation to prove that a diverse group of veterans will take action to create real-world social impact for their “brothers in arms”. What better way to prove this than with a good old fashioned Police Call. If you are / were a commissioned officer, you may not have practiced this much ;-).
This is just the first mission in the first mission category of Environment. Expect to see the addition of missions to this category, as well as the addition of further categories: Well Being, Opportunity, and more. Beyond individual missions, expect to see group missions in size from fire teams to platoons and even battalions. Imagine the social impact that we can achieve together.

Family, community, affinity group, or tribe. However you define it, we share an uncommon affinity, and we are stronger together. Together we can prove that good is more than charity. This purpose is especially important during these unusual times in 2020. Thank you for your service to our great nation and/or support of our tribe, and for your service as part of Operation Comeback.

Soon the app will be extended to include user profiles, feeds, messaging, decorations, leaderboards, and much more. For a small view of some of the additional functionality to expect in the 1.0 version of the app, refer to this clickable prototype (best on iOS, less so on Android): https://projects.invisionapp.com/m/share/AGGP8RW5N4Y#/288638316

For more information or to contact us, refer to http://operationcomeback.org.


Mario Blandini
Marine, active duty 1990-1996
Founder of the Comeback League

Ted Darr
Marine, active duty 1990-1995
Co-Founder & Head of Data

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